Formal letter writing

Year 6 have had another wonderful week in school and have been fully dedicated to everything put in front of them. It has been such a delight to see the joy that they are finding in their learning. In English, the children have continued to develop techniques within their formal letter writing, adding their support to Marcus Rashord and his campaign for Free School Meals. This was completed brilliantly, and is now being typed up by the children during their ICT lessons, ready for us to send to our local MP. The children have found it exciting to learn that they can actually do this and that they can potentially make a positive change to society.

In our class reading lessons, we have continued our journey with ‘Skellig’, and the children are totally engrossed. They are full of anticipation about what might  happen next as we approach the final few chapters. Many predictions and class discussions have been shared about what the ending could be. Whilst in Maths, we have been working with fractions. The children have gathered knowledge and understanding on how to approach and solve problems in this area. In particular, expanding and simplifying fractions.

During our topic lessons, learning French has been a source of entertainment! We have been identifying some of the similarities in words and phrases when practising our pronunciation of different fruits and vegetables. Or accents are coming along well. ‘Du rasin’ and ‘un champignon’ have proved two particular favourites to pronounce amongst the children. It has been so lovely to see them embrace this with us here in school.