Fractions Fractions Fractions

It has been another brilliant and productive week in Year 6. The children have been as enthusiastic as ever, and we have thoroughly enjoyed witnessing their progress. None more so, than in Maths. The children have continued to enhance their knowledge and skills when using Fractions. Confidence has grown when converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, then mixed numbers to improper fractions. This was followed by comparing  and ordering fractions. The biggest revelation to them all, was that knowing your times tables well really helps when dealing with fractions.

Further to this, we have edged closer to the finale of ‘Skellig’ in our class reading lessons, the children were left on the edge of their seats with only a few chapters remaining! The anticipation grows chapter by chapter! Seeing the intrigue and joy on their faces, gained by reading regularly, has been simply wonderful. Whilst in English, we have introduced a short French speaking film with subtitles called ‘Replay’. This has inspired and taught the children how to plan and write an internal monologue for two of the main characters.

During our topic lessons, Year 6 have continued to develop their French vocabulary. The children are now more confident in constructing and delivering a sentence verbally. They are able to ask politely for a certain amount and colour of vegetable or fruit. In Science, the children have discovered how important water and nutrients are for the human body. In RE, we witnessed some excellent class debates and had some magnificent examples of how to debate in an orderly fashion. To conclude, in ICT, the children were able to complete their letters to our local MP’s, urging them to support Marcus Rashford and his Free School Meal campaign. The children are so excited to have these printed and posted before Easter.