Fryday fun!

We have been enjoying stories based around food as part of our ‘Food Around the World’ topic. One particular favourite was Oliver’s Vegetables. In the story there is boy called Oliver who doesn’t like vegetables and only eats chips. His Grandpa, who grows lots of vegetables, tells him he can have chips when he has found the potatoes growing in the garden. During the story we learnt the names of different vegetables; some we have tried and some we had never heard of! At the end of the week we planted our own potatoes in the garden. We will keep checking to see how they are growing.  We also made our own chips!

We cut the potatoes. It was quite tricky, but using both hands helped.

Once they were cooked in the air fryer we got to taste the chips (even the teachers!) Some children even had a bit of tomato sauce! The children were very good at explaining what they did and how the chips were made. Maybe next time, we will use the potatoes we have grown in our garden to make the chips.