Groovy Greeks

On Wednesday 29th September, year 5 had a brilliant day exploring the influence of the Ancient Greeks.



Mrs Beauchamp told us the myth of The Twelve Labours of Heracles and we acted out the final (and most difficult) task: capturing the Cerberus!  We had great fun discovering the twelve terrible tasks and then working with our classmates to create an engaging piece of drama.









In Miss Torok’s group, we made comedy and tragedy theatre masks based on Ancient Greek Theatre. One side had a grotesque grimace and the other was happy and comical!











With Mrs Millar, each class took part in a mini-Olympics, competing in running and javelin events.  We were relieved that we didn’t have to compete barefoot like the Ancient Greeks did!


In 5BY, we were learning all about Archimedes and his wonderful inventions! One of these inventions is the Archimedes Screw (water pump), which is machine that is used to transfer water from one place to another. The children used pipe, empty water bottles and lots of tape to create their Archimedes Screw. Then we would rotate the bottom of the screw in the water and ‘scoop’ the water into the tube, the momentum then pushed the water through the tube and into the empty tub. We were amazed that they actually worked and of course, the classroom was covered in water!