Handa’s Surprise

In preschool, we have been enjoying the story Handa’s Surprise. The children are very good at listening to stories and are beginning to remember the sequence of them. To help us remember the sequence of the story we created a story map. The map follows the journey Handa makes to meet visit her friend Akeyo. As she walks, she has no idea different animals are taking the delicious fruits! We tried to remember, not only which animal comes next but also which fruit they take! The map really helped us to do this.

During child initiated play, we had lots of resources to help us remember the story. There was a washing line to peg up the animals and fruits in the right order.

We also had lollipop sticks with all the animals and fruits from the story.

The tuff tray also had different animals. The children were getting very good at naming the animals and recognising which ones are in Handa’s Surprise.

The children have been so engaged with the story and the adults have been very impressed with the language they are using linked to the story. We certainly do love a story in preschool!