Healthy, healthy, healthy!

This week in Year 6, the children have started their new topic, ‘Fitness and Food Frenzie’. It is all about keeping healthy in terms of body and mind and all of our subjects across the topic are designed to explore health from lots of different angles. For example, in Science this week the children have been learning all about the human heart and how it works. We have received some brilliant diagrams of the heart which our Year 6’s have researched at home.

In Jigsaw, we have been looking at what makes up a balanced diet and the children have been designing their own balanced meals, lots of which look delicious! They have been thinking carefully about what to include from each food group and how much food from each food group is healthy. Some children have even had a go at making some of their meals at home!

For the Year 6 well-being challenge, we asked the children to identify some foods in their diet that could be swapped for healthier alternatives. We have received some great suggestions. Some children have decided to swap chocolate and biscuits for fruit, some have swapped crisps for salad and others have swapped squash and juice for water.

We are really excited about how this topic will develop over the next few weeks and look forward to exploring different systems in the human body, healthy lifestyle choices and fitness more. Well done for a great first week Year 6!