Hello from Mr Lumber

Good afternoon everyone,
I hope you are all well and have had a good start to the week. It is so good to see the sun shining and along with completing some work I hope that you have all enjoyed some fun in the sun!
Like I said in my letter last week I hope you are supporting your adults at home and recognising when maybe they may need a teeny weeny break from you. That is absolutely fine and at that point you could offer to make them a drink or do some chores to ease the pressure they are under.
Along with your work, I would love to read emails to your year group email addresses about how helpful you have been, how kind you have been to your brothers and sisters and how you have filled your time generally. In school you are all really missed. The boys and girls that are in are now in non-uniform each day and doing lots of activities outside in the nice sunshine.
Even the adults have had a play on the equipment and some competitiveness is starting to develop between them! Soon I think we will be some of the best hula-hoopers, skippers and monkey bar hangers going!
Please keep sending in your emails and please keep looking at the website for more updates.
Keep safe and keep smiling.
Best wishes
Mr Lumber