Here Be Dragons!

This week, we were challenged to create our own dragon design and then write an information text based on it.

First, we listened to a letter from the book ‘A Discovery of Dragons’ by Graeme Base, where Bjorn of Bromme travels to Greenland and encounters the Great Sven-Eating Dragon. Using this as our inspiration, we each designed our own dragon, thinking about their features and habitats.

Then, we mind-mapped key ideas based on their appearance, habitat, life expectancy, offspring and prey/food. From this, we looked at how brackets could be used to add extra detail to sentences, particularly where they could be added in. We noticed that brackets could be included as part of a sentence, but the main clause would still have to make sense. We had a go looking at examples and then tried our own.

After that, we looked at other non-fiction openers. Firstly, we practised using -ly adverbials, which we have used previously in text maps. Then we looked at conjunction openers, such as moreover, furthermore and additionally. We used our mind maps to create paragraphs based on our dragons and perfected our punctuation using a modelled text.

Finally, it was time to put it all together. Having looked at an example, we knew our success criteria. Here are some of our best examples – we hope you enjoy them!