Incredible Instructions

On Monday, Mr Hart announced how he needed our help!  By the end of the week, he wanted year 6 to write a set of instructions to help his brother set up a tent. This is so his brother could camp in his garden during lock-down. To help the children understand and revise instructions, Mr Hart modelled a basic set . His instructions were on how to make a hot chocolate; he asked for the children to identify what they noticed. Next, he identified the key features of  his set of instructions: time phrases /words, imperative verbs and clear bullet points.









For the first task, the children had to change his opening time words/phrases and imperative verbs. He also wanted year 6 to add adjectives and adverbs to make his instructions more interesting and clear.  The challenge was to add more detail.

Here is some of the  pictures we were sent:



Well done to both Bailee- Jo and Leo, who made their very own hot chocolate!

On Tuesday,  the children  watched a clip of Mr Hart constructing a tent. Whilst watching, he asked them to observe and think about what time words and imperative verbs they may want to use. He explained that he did not expect the children to write anything down but they could if we wanted to. This would then help them with writing their own instructions the next day.


Well done Anaiah and Catherine – both of you generated a great list!

On Wednesday, Mr Hart began by sharing his list of vocabulary which also included  adverbs. He demonstrated how to up level his vocabulary so we don’t all use the same.  The task was then set  –  to write a detailed set of instructions on, ‘How to construct a tent.’ Mr Hart reminded the children  to go back and watch yesterday’s video and then he modelled the first step.

Year 6 teachers were very impressed with the work they received so thank you  . Here are some great examples:



Surprisingly, Mr Hart  informed year 6 how his brother was a little disappointed with our instructions!  However, the reason for this is because his brother is very particular about his home comforts!  So he wanted more from our year 6 children….. he wanted them to make the tent more homely.   For Thursday’s task, year 6 were asked to sketch a picture of his tent and add details about how they could make his camping experience better.

We received some fantastic plans :


A huge thank you and well done to the children who emailed their excellent work in. Fortunately, Mr Hart’s brother was much happier with his comfortable tent !

Finally, on Friday year 6 were asked to write their very own set of instructions.

Molly  wrote instructions on how to make a cup of tea – fantastic work Molly .

I bet your parents are now pleased.

Leo wrote a super set of instructions on how to make a banana cake.

The year 6 staff are now really hoping  they get to try some of this yummy cake!

Thank you so much to all the children who had a go at the English unit this week – we were incredible proud of all the work we received.


Keep it up year 6!