Kingsleigh’s random reading places

Well Kingsleigh, what an inventive lot you are!  I challenged you to read in an unusual place and you have well and truly risen to the challenge in true Kingsleigh style.


First up was Mylee who chose to enjoy her book in the sunshine on her trampoline.  Great minds think alike and Ollie and Tori soon followed suit.  I especially liked Ollie’s idea of reading a chapter, then 50 bounces – nice!

Next up we had some inventive garage ideas…

I chose to get on my bike, while Oliver was a lot more relaxed in his deckchair.  And hats off to Miss Chen’s daughter – very unusual indeed!

Some more outdoor choices…


Kaitlyn built a tent and stayed out reading until it got cold.  Now that is dedication! Riley enjoyed his favourite book in his swing chair and Emmie had a great yoga pose going on there while she was reading.  Maya even skilfully balanced on a rope ladder while reading a classic Disney story!

Now we move indoors…


Olivia relaxed in the bath and Mrs Weller looked cosy in her daughter’s wardrobe!  Lenny hid out under the stairs to get some peace and quiet to enjoy his book, while one particularly flexible young man looked very comfortable in a laundry basket.

So now my next challenge to all you keen readers out there.  I finished my book at the weekend and have written a book review (see below).Now unfortunately I wrote it rather quickly and have made a few spelling and grammar mistakes.  Can you spot them?

I’d love it if you could write a book review for a book you have finished reading recently or for your favourite book.  Email them to me at and I will share them.  We all need more book recommendations, especially at the moment!

Stay safe and keep reading Kingsleigh 🙂