Kingsleigh’s Very Own Aarchaeologists

Year 4 have absolutely loved learning all about the Anglo Saxons this half term. This week, Year 4 turned into archaeologists and have been lucky enough to hold and examine actual Anglo Saxon artefacts that were found where the ancient Saxon kingdom of Mercia would have been.

We took part in our very own archaeological digs and learned how archaeologists would find artefacts to piece together parts of history. We used brushes to explore the tiny details that each artefact had. In total we found 2 market weights that would have been used to work out the cost of goods at Saxon markets, 2 bridle pieces that told us the Saxons used horses for transport and farming and also 1 brooch which told us that Saxons had the skills to work metal into intricate jewellery.


With the information that we learned about each artefact we produced a double page spread of our findings. We recorded what the artefacts were and also what they could tell us about the lives of the Saxons.


Year 4 have been really inspired by what they have found and learned and hopefully we have some aspiring archaeologists in our midst!