Let’s Plant

Reception have been investigating how plants grow. We planted four beans: one had sun and water, one was in sunlight but had no water, one was in the dark with water, and the other was in the dark without water. We quickly noticed roots beginning to grow out of the bean that had sunlight and water.

This bean continued to grow healthily and we have enjoyed looking after our beanstalk and watching it grow every day.

We were surprised to notice that the bean with water but no sunlight also grew, although the beanstalk is very pale and does not look very healthy!

We have written up the findings to our investigation. The children did a fantastic job.

As part of our learning about plants and growing, we have also been doing observational drawings of flowers, fruit cut in half and our beanstalks.

We have also planted our own superhero cress heads. Reception have learnt so much new vocabulary and information about plants. Well done Reception!