Light and Shadows!

Year 3 have been learning about light and shadows in their science work this term. This all started when we found a mystery mudhut in our classrooms.

We found out that we had to use a torch to see a hidden Maori message inside!

We learnt that we need light to see.  We experimented with torches to see how shadows change depending on where the light source is. We found that some objects are transparent, translucent and opaque.

This week we then learnt about how to stay safe in the sun. We learnt that to stay safe we must…

Slip on a t-shirt;

Slap on a hat;

Slop on some sun cream;

Slide on some sunglasses and…

Seek some shade.

To help us with our learning, we made posters showing how to stay safe.

We look forward to next term’s science!