Marvellous Mathematicians!

This week sees the end of our Isee Maths videos (but panic not there will be other videos to challenge the children!) They have been really helpful in supporting the children with their learning but I think the true learning heroes are the children. We teachers have been so impressed with the Maths work that we have received throughout this time. So many children have tuned in daily and challenged themselves to complete the tasks and this week was no exception. This week focused on problem solving.


The Year 5 children have been amazing at solving problems involving negative numbers, looked at problems where there could be more than one solution, balancing problems and missing number problems. They have proved themselves to be quite the mathematicians.


The Year 5 children have also been using the White Rose Maths Hub to revisit their understanding of angles. They have spent their week learning about the different types of angles, the rules around angles on a line and angles on a point and have been using these to calculate different angles and solve problems. They have also been drawing and measuring angles. The work we received was amazing and we were really impressed as some children looked back at the mistakes they had made and tried to understand where they had gone wrong. What a brilliant attitude!


There have also been the fun challenges this week from our learning grid which the children have enjoyed. We were super impressed with Luke S’s take on Mrs Michelo’s challenge to write a short recount imaging that you have travelled back in time. Luke chose to travel to the World Cup Final in 1966. How amazing would it have been to be there?!?

Mrs Phillips had also challenged the children this week to create a mask of their favourite TV/book/film character and the Year 5 children did not let us down. Check out our masks of characters such as Yoda and Elsa!


We’ve had such a great week of home learning and we cannot wait to see what next week will bring!