Maths in Year 6!

Recently, in Year 6 we have been learning about fractions in our Maths lessons.

We began our work by re-familiarising ourselves with what equivalent fractions were. Using Cuisenaire rods, we practically modelled equivalent fractions to help solidify our understanding, before then moving on to pictorial and numerical representations of equivalent fractions.

When we were confident with our understanding of equivalent fractions, we began to look at how we can simplify fractions. We progressed from dividing our numerator and denominator by 2, to finding common factors of our numerator and denominator, and using these to simplify our fractions.

We then looked at mixed number fractions and improper fractions, and how we can convert between the two.

This week, we have begun work on comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. To do so, it has been necessary to find common denominators, which has tested our understanding of equivalent fractions once again.

Over the next few weeks our work on fractions will progress as we begin to multiply and divide fractions!