News flash…Year Two’s Winning Design is…

Finally….we have a winner!!!

The lucky winner of the ‘Dino Discovery’ competition was revealed in our KS1 celebration assembly!

We secretly invited the winner’s parents to enjoy the celebrations. I think it’s fair to say our grown ups were very overwhelmed, proud of their daughter and her virtual design!!

We’re proud to say that each class also had ‘The Most Colourful, Most Creative’ and a ‘Class Winner.’ Very well done to these children! And what beautiful certificates!


Please take a look at this link below. It’s AMAZING!!!!! The T-Rex moves, roars and looks very cool! It even has a background and music!!!!

Here’s our journey…

Year Two met Professor Bennett at the start of the topic.  As part of our writing we asked questions to the Professor. We even looked at photographs and videos of him to learn more about who this man is and what he does.

He visited our school and kindly brought in his ipad with including the app he designed!. Unbeknown to the children, a dinosaur comes to life whilst using the Paleo-Go app. In front of the children’s eyes appeared a T-Rex and a Pterodactyl! It was a wow moment!!!

Professor Bennett and the Year Two teachers came up with a plan!!!

A competition was set for all of Year Two.

The children were given instructions to design a T-Rex. The design ideas were very much left up to the children. We did discuss that a T-Rex actually had feathers and doesn’t always look ferocious!

Professor Bennett and his amazing design team at Bournemouth University carefully selected an overall winner from the assortment of 120 T’Rex’s. Not only this, all of the T-Rex’s have been uploaded onto this following web-link (Please view them!) 

ALERT…This means that the T-Rex will be seen world-wide!!!!

We have had an incredible journey with this topic!!! Year two wanted there to be a community impact and so…..we hope that the world enjoys the inclusion of a Kingsleigh Primary School hand-made T-Rex in a well-used, popular app!!!

The proud family! And yes…..there were tears!


















We are the first school to be involved with a project of this kind. The children have all been incredibly excited throughout the duration of this topic.