Open Day

This week we invited families in to see the school and celebrate the, ‘Express Yourself’ outcomes from this term’s art and music curriculum. We were delighted to see so many people in the school and hear the children talking proudly about the work that they had done. We are very proud of the school that we have here and we could hear from comments of visitors that you were equally impressed.

Year 2 loved using Modroc to create 3D sculptures of fish and used different materials to print on their final designs. There final display was stunning.

This term there have been super projects going on across the school and all the teachers have really embraced learning new skills themselves and as a result the children have all become more confident artists. Our youngest children have produced some of the most impressive pieces of artwork and Reception teachers are rightly proud of what they completed. Below is a small selection of what they have created.

 Children created individual meadows which they built up over time with colour washes and then printing with natural materials.

They also focused so carefully when they created their ‘worms’ and they were so impressive we have had to frame them and put them up on display in the main school.

Year one have been equally impressive with their designs and sculptures of birds some of them will shortly be flying away to Liberty’s and will be on display there.

In Year 3 the team have created a variety of wonderful pieces and have really shown the process of moving from a design to a final piece by following their initial ideas.

They looked at the artwork of Quentin Blake in Roald Dahl’s books and created their own versions of the sketches.

They then used Modroc to create 3D sculptures of their characters.

The children explored the inside of different fruits.

They then looked more carefully at the colour and texture of the fruits and added these details to their drawings.

Finally, they created their own clay tiles from the designs that they had drawn.

Year 4 have completed some super work looking at printing and local art work. They created a wonderful display using wax resist techniques.

Year 5 have used inky paint to create fantastic freestanding sculptures of bottles. The final pieces were incredible and so effective when they were all on display together.

Year 6 were also inspired by fruit and created some brilliant clay pots from their inspiration. There clay models were then sent off to be fired in a kiln before being painted and glazed.

Thank you again to everyone that came and supported the school and joined in the celebration of the children’s work.