Original Origami!

At this time of year, the Year 6 students were expecting to undertake their SATs exams, which they have been preparing for diligently over the past few months. We knew they would be disappointed not to be able to sit these, so Mrs Tarchetti had the ingenious idea of setting a different kind of task – an origami challenge!

The children were given the remit of designing, folding and decorating different animals and to make them as detailed and decorative as possible. We received lots of amazing entries, and were really impressed with what the children designed. From safari scenes to seaside scenarios, the children have not lost their creative touch since being out of school! The Year 6 staff were then given the unenviable task of selecting the winning entries, which as you can see, was extremely difficult. Below are just some of the superb entries we received, which shows the full range of ideas. Some children went for the solitary, intricate animal, whereas others embarked on creating a whole origami scene!

Terrific entries!

In the end, we selected three winners, with their creations below. Well done to Catherine, Daniel and Leona for your excellent designs. Catherine’s intricate dragon below was just one of the many brilliant examples she sent it, whilst Daniel’s underwater scene is full of colour and decor. Well done to Leona for your different take on the challenge, adding in some decorative origami flowers to complement your birds and butterflies. Prizes are in the post!

Congratulations, and well done again Year 6 for rising to the challenge.