Our Year 6 Poets!

This week, the Year 6 children all became poets! They started the week by watching an advertisement for the previous winter Olympic and Paralympic games. Within the advert, a poem called ‘The Dreadful Menace’ is performed and the viewers are shown images of an uninviting and treacherous mountain and some of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The poem ends by almost daring the athletes to see if they could defeat it. The children really enjoyed the advert and loved it’s dark, sinister nature. They started the week by unpicking the poem and the meaning behind some of the words and phrases. Lots of children learnt what a conundrum was and what fathom meant!

The next day, the children were introduced to their task this week. They had to use the structure of ‘The Dreadful Menace’ to write their own poems but this time based on a wave. The Year 6’s began by watching a video of a surfing event and particularly a mammoth wave. They then began to develop words and phrases that they could use to describe the wave. They extended this further by thinking of similes and metaphors to describe the wave and though of emotions that they could use to describe the wave. The Year 6 children amazed their teachers with their brilliant ideas. The teacher’s couldn’t wait to see their poems!

Over the next few days, the children really looked at the use of rhyming couplets and the choice of rhythm that the author had used in ‘The Dreadful Menace’ and tried to replicate this in their own poems. They took their time to unpick the meaning of each stanza and carefully plan and write their own poems. We had some fantastic poems by the end of the week! The children were so proud of their work, that many of them presented their poem in a special way. We have to mention Will who sent in a video of himself performing his poem! Brilliant!

The Year 6 teachers were really impressed with all the children’s poems. They have worked so hard over the half term and have produced some fantastic writing! Well done Year 6!