Outdoor Adventure Day!

As part of our topic, ‘An Amazing Adventure’, we arranged an Outdoor Adventure Day for the children in Year 6. We hoped they would be given the opportunity to explore the outdoors, work on ‘forgotten’ skills such as knot tying and shelter building, and experience a different day altogether. We were lucky enough to invite two trained experts into the school to work with the children, who helped turn it into a day that won’t be forgotten






There were a range of different activities for the children, who coped with the change in timetable and physical demands of the day really well. One activity involved learning how to tie knots, which they then used to construct rafts from barrels and ropes. Another activity involved the children working together to overcome obstacles as a team, testing their logic and problem solving skills. We were really impressed with how well the children worked together, and the excellent team skills they demonstrated through all of this.

The children then learnt how to construct a Trangia cooking stove, delicately handling some of the hot parts of the stove. They learnt how to put it together safely and swiftly – excellent skills for camping in a hurry! For those groups who managed this in good time, a mug of hot chocolate awaited them! Definitely welcome on a cold winter’s day! We did get inside for one session, where we painted our island for next week’s Literacy lessons. A chance to thaw out and warm up!



Undoubtedly, the most interesting part of the day was the cooking fire. The children helped to tend to the fire, using this to bake their own bread! They had a really interesting experience, and I am sure the memories of this will linger for a long time. It was so rewarding to see how engaged and mature the children were with the different activities, and we really feel they gained a lot from the day. Well done Year 6!