Pattern, Pattern, Pattern!

Pattern, Pattern, Pattern!

Reception children have been working hard to create patterns.  They have been using a whole variety of objects to create repeating patterns, including pinecones, conkers, leaves,  paint, Duplo, Cuisenaire rods and Numicon. We discovered that you can make patterns with almost anything!

Children were able to explore paint to create firework pictures. They made a repeating two colour pattern. The children had great fun making different paint effects with brushes, sponges, card and even their fingers! Fantastic  firework patterns!


One challenge the children had was to create a two colour repeating pattern with Cuisenaire rods and Numicon. They explored making a pattern using 2 different colour rods. We talked about the importance of saying the pattern to help continue the pattern accurately. They were fabulous at doing this and even at spotting any mistakes. The children also had the opportunity to create a three colour pattern too!



The children also used cubes and counters to create two colour repeating patterns.


Some children decided to take their learning outside and continue their pattern creations with playtime equipment! Great pattern work!  How about creating some of your own patterns at home? What would you choose to use?