Platinum Jubilee Wave Bowls

As part of our celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Year 6 produced commemorative wave bowls inspired by all things Britain!

We began by discussing what a sculpture is and evaluating a range of notable examples, from the iconic Spider in Paris to the Red Arrow memorial right here in Bournemouth.

Maman (sculpture) - WikipediaJon egging memorial, pilot, red arrows, bournemouth, england - free image from

From there, we practised sketching Jubilee themed designs before producing individual tiles that pieced together to make distinctive and unique wave bowls.



Our designs utilised watercolours, pencil and pen. The children were able to practise their fine drawing skills and used watercolours to produce memorable and decorative individualised pieces.

This was the first in a series of Art projects that Year 6 will embark upon; expanding and building upon the repertoire of skills developed in each. Watch this space!