Reception’s Creative Chaos

It has been a very busy 3 days  in Reception this week and we have still been teased by the cheeky Evil Pea. We started the week by trapping him in melted chocolate – we were very proud of ourselves when we found him caught.

We then tried to improve our fine motor skills and practised trapping Evil Pea in case he escapes again. We used thread to capture him.

He is all tied up – we don’t think he will be escaping any time soon!

We know that Supertato is the hero of our story so we tried to make our own little Supertato figures.

We think they are great – maybe the toy shop should start selling these.

Finally, we looked at Supertato’s red cape and wondered what made it red. We wondered whether the colours came from the supermarket. We started off looking at spices. They smelt interesting.

We liked the smell of  nutmeg but not so sure on the smell of paprika. We mixed the spices with water to make our very own colour palette.


We wonder what else we can use to make natural dye, watch this space!