Remarkable Romans Rule!

The teachers in Year 3 were greeted by fearsome Roman soldiers, splendid gods and goddesses and amazing citizens of Rome upon our return to school after the Easter holidays. The children (and parents) had put lots of thought and imagination into their costumes to help bring our Roman day to life.

The children began the day with learning about ‘Who were the Romans and what did they do for us?’. The children were surprised by the amount of infrastructure the Romans were influential in creating including: central heating, baths and sewers. Alongside these remarkable facts, the children were shocked by some more of the gruesome facts from the time including washing clothes in urine and using a stick and sponge to wipe their bottoms.


Next, the children took up battle formations and had to defend themselves against a barrage of ‘attacks’ from the Celts. With the turtle, wedge, cavalry and orb formations to help protect themselves and their comrades


The children then began to see how the Romans compared to their main enemy… The Celts. We looked at the equipment soldiers used to help them in battle and understood why the Romans were so successful. The children loved the day and cannot wait to find out more about these remarkable people!