Return of the Reception Remote Learning Heroes

RKT have just completed a week of remote learning. The children have done a fantastic job and Mrs Tindall is feeling enormously proud of what the children have achieved.

Over the course of the week, the children created factfiles about sea creatures of their choice, using the subheadings of Appearance, Habitat, Diet, Conservation and Fun Fact. We have previously been using these subheadings at school to write about Hammerhead Sharks.

We have also been doing some work around our Whole-class Reading text, the Runaway Pea. We started off thinking about the settings in the book and thinking of a new places the Runaway Pea could go in the kitchen. After that we thought of the story character, invented our own Runaway vegetables, made them, took them on their own adventure around our houses and gardens and then drew story maps of what happened.


As well as this work, we have investigated floating and sinking, created some beautiful Rainbowfish inspired artwork, practised our football skills and much more. Well done everyone!