Rotten Romans Week in Year 3

Year 3 were set several Roman themed challenges to do this week and they met them head on and blew the team away with the results. We have been so impressed and ever so proud with the children’s enthusiasm, engagement and general happiness towards their learning at home. It is such a joy to see the children’s work!

Miss Tarrant set a challenge for the children to build a model of the Ancient Roman city, Pompeii including Mount Vesuvius. An extension challenge was for the children to erupt Mount Vesuvius using a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. The results were phenomenal:


Mrs Power created some amazing Roman numeral challenges for year 3, some of which were quiet challenging! But the children persevered and look at their results!

Miss Tarrant also challenged the children to hold their very own Roman Chariot race in their garden, or in their house, by doing a wheelbarrow race! The results were very funny and the children thoroughly enjoyed trying this out…

Mrs Power also set the children a challenge to find out about Roman aqueducts. What were they? Are aqueducts still used today? Can you design your own aqueduct? Have a look at the research our marvellous children completed:

The year 4 teachers set the English learning this week, based around a video called ‘Rang-tan’ which covers the topic of deforestation for the need of palm oil. It was a very moving film for everyone who watched it and it sparked some incredible writing from the children…

The children began the week answering RIC questions about Rang-tan:

Then the children wrote sentences about how the orangutan was feeling…

Then the children used thesauruses to discover new emotion words and turned their sentences into emotion word comma sentences!

Finally, the children used their 5 senses to write sentences about what the orangutan could see, hear, touch, smell and taste in the rain-forest before and after the deforestation.

As well as all this incredible learning, the children have fitted time in to design a Super-Bear for the John Lewis and Waitrose competitions and the results are fabulous!

We don’t know about you, but we think year 3 have had an incredible week! We hope they have a wonderful weekend in the sun and we’ll see what wonderful learning next week brings!