Smartie the Penguin!

This week Reception have been learning about keeping safe online. In the morning, we created paper plate masks that showed the feelings happy and sad. We used these to help us consider how we may feel in certain situations when using the internet.

Firstly, we discussed what internet programs we use. They were lots and lots including: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Cbeebies iPlayer and Google!

We then read a story about Smartie the Penguin, who received a new tablet for his birthday.

We thought he would feel happy and we held our masks up to show this.

Smartie ran into a few problems on his new tablet though! He saw an image that he found quite scary. He also found some information that he was confused about; was it true or not? Lastly, Smartie also was messaged by another person whilst playing a game and was asked to give out his name and address. When these things happened, we thought that Smartie might be feeling sad and a bit worried.

This created lots of discussion points for us…

Smartie’s Mummy and Daddy helped us understand what we should do if these things happen to us when we are online. They created a song which we sang to help us remember!

We now know what to do to be safe online. We are online safety heroes!