Super Science!



Recently, in science, we have been looking at changes in materials.

During one of our investigations, we looked at separating materials. To start we discussed what separating means and gave some real life examples of when we separate things. We defined separation as – ‘it is to split or unlink one thing from another’.

We tried to separate rice and paper clips (we all knew a magnet was needed!), raisins and flour (which caused us some issues but we noticed that we could wash away the flour with water), sand and water (we managed to filter these materials to separate them), and salt and water – which is where things got a little tricky.

We predicted that these two materials would not separate/ only some of the salt will be caught in the sieve. We thought this because the salt was too small to not pass through the funnel.

We discussed that because the salt and water have mixed to form a solution that it will pass through any sieve. We tried to filter the water through tissue, and the children thought that this would most definitely work. Mr Young tried to convince the children that the salt was still there even though they couldn’t see it – he even taste tested it just to be sure!

This lead us nicely into our next experiment where we investigated soluble and insoluble substances. There wasn’t any tasting during that experiment though!