Super Spies!

Since returning to school, the Year 6 pupils have been transformed into spies! Last week, they started their learning by beginning to learn a spy gadget text map all about a ‘new to the market’ multi functional mobile phone.  They were amazed by some of the special features that were hidden inside the gadget and were inspired to develop their own gadgets. They also discovered that it was a persuasive piece of writing to encourage the reader to buy the spy gadget. Using their best spying skills, they unpicked what was needed to write a brilliant piece of persuasive writing.

After watching a clip from Alex Rider, the children carefully thought about the kind of features a spy gadget might need. Invisibility, teleportation, universal key entry – which functions would you choose? They also began to think of some persuasive reasons as to why that feature would be useful for a spy. We had some brilliant ideas about how you could mess with your enemies mind by teleporting around their lair, or even using invisibility to escape from any tricky situations that you may find yourself in! However, the Year 6 children knew that these features had to be hidden in a seemingly innocent, every day item. So they thought of spy watches, spy glasses, spy earrings and even a spy lunch box. The children really worked hard to hook the reader into their writing.


Once they had hooked the reader in, they made sure to use lots of persuasive language and features to entice the reader to buy their spy gadget. They even included an added feature and an offer or freebie. We know all spies love a freebie! For a powerful ending, the children had to include a celebrity endorsement. The Year 6 teachers were very impressed with the children’s work and are looking forward to seeing more brilliant writing this year.