Superb superworms!

Pre school have been very creative with worms at home! Miss Stockley read the story Superworm which we all enjoyed. The children were then given challenges to paint with ‘worms’ and to make their own Superworm. Mrs Cartwright showed the children how to use spaghetti (worms) to create paintings. By dipping the ‘worm’ in different coloured paint and dragging it across the paper it creates colourful wiggly lines.

The ‘worms’ were very wiggly but all the finished paintings looked brilliant!

Another challenge the children were given was to make their very own Superworm. Mrs Cartwright gave some ideas and also invited the children to think of their own. We saw pictures of all sorts of Superworms: sock ones, cardboard ones, playdough ones and plastic ones!

Superworm is such an enjoyable book and it certainly inspired some super artwork. Well done, Pre School.