Supertato smashes into Reception

The Reception children have returned from their Easter Holidays to be met by our very own Supertato.

We have been learning that Evil Pea is on the loose and vegetables everywhere are in danger!  We have to protect them so we have been creating our very own superhero masks and belts. We have had a lot of fun zooming all around the playground.


We have made puppets so that we can pretend to be the characters. We have also had a lot of fun putting on voices to be like Supertato and trying to do an evil pea laugh, mwhahahaha!



The children have been pretending to be the Evil Pea and thinking about what they may say if they were really him. The writing has been super hero standard without a doubt.


We are worried that Evil Pea may turn up at school next week so we are keeping a VERY close eye on our own Supertato. Keep your veggies safe everyone!