Terrific Topic Work in Year 1!

Year 1 have been working hard on their English and Maths at home and we are really proud of them. But learning at home is about more than that and Year 1 have really enjoyed sharing the work they have been creating and researching for other subjects too.

We asked children to research castles and knights using the internet for History and Year 1 produced some fantastic work on this!



Caeden even built a model of a Motte and Bailey castle in his garden. He sent in a video describing all the features of the castle that he had researched!

Lots of children took up our Art challenge and drew, coloured and painted butterflies. They all looked so beautiful and cheered up the teachers in Year 1.


Meredith also got to watch some real butterflies grow and develop at home and then released them into the wild!


For Science, children were also set the challenge to find out about the different parts of a plant and produced some fantastic labelled diagrams to show what they had learnt.


Luna has extended her learning and is growing her own plants – eventually they will produce butternut squash!

The children in Year 1 also designed colourful ‘hands’ to decorate their windows- to remind us of the importance of hand washing at this time.


We have really enjoyed seeing all the Art, Science, Wellbeing and History learning that Year 1 have been doing. Don’t forget that this can be a time for your to follow your own passions and research different subjects that interest you. We can’t wait to see what work you will send in next week!