The Great Outdoors!

In Reception we love to learn and explore outdoors!

We have been going on treasure hunts to find numbers hiding in the nooks and crannies of our outdoor area.  These numbers all represent a character from Ten Town and we have been seeing if we can catch them to match them to the correct amount.


We have been practising our counting, collecting natural objects to match the number rolled on a dice.  This has been helping us to become more confident with our numbers.


We we have been spending our afternoons exploring outside and developing our skills in teamwork, by working together to create obstacle courses with the soft play equipment, by creating  walkways and buildings with the construction equipment.

We have also been working together to transfer water in different ways, using the funnels and the guttering to create waterways.


Some more fun exploring …


We have been loving our outdoor area so far this year! Keep your eyes peeled for more about what we get up to, in our outside learning environment.