The owls come to Kingsleigh

Reception are reading Owl Babies as part of their topic Into the Night! This week we had a visit from Liberty Owls Sanctuary.

First we met Brute, who is a Little Owl. We learnt that this type of owl lives in this country and is awake in the day! We thought owls only came out at night! We learnt that owls, like this one, with yellow eyes always come out in the day.


Next we met Fredo who is a Southern White Faced Owl. He has orange eyes which means he comes out at dusk and dawn.

We then met Casper, a Barn Owl. The Barn Owl has black eyes, which we learnt means that they are nocturnal. Barn Owls eat mice and catch them with their feet.

Bramble is a Tawny Owl. Tawny Owls are the most common owl in our country. They have black eyes which means they come out at night. We realised this is the owl which is in our Owl Babies story.

At the end of the session the children were given the opportunity to stroke Bramble.




It was a lovely visit from the owl sanctuary, we learnt a lot and had fun too!