Watermelon Science in Year 5!

To begin our Science learning about Forces this term, we decided to create the classic Watermelon vs Rubber Band Experiment!

First, we talked as a class about the structure of the experiment and made predictions about what would happen. Some of us thought that the watermelon would pop; others thought the elastic bands would break.

Then,  we started to layer the elastic bands over the watermelon. We were careful to apply them all in the same place, so that the pressure was applied in a focused spot. Layer upon layer of bands were applied, and our teachers became more and more worried that they would end up having a watermelon explode in their face!

Slowly but surely, the watermelon’s skin started to tear and juice began to leak out.

We kept going though until it happened…

After that, we discussed how and why it had happened and concluded that the pressure of the elastic bands on the watermelon was forcing the watermelon to split. The watermelon couldn’t resist the force of the elastic bands trying to contract.