Welcome Reception 2020/21!

The brand new Reception children have started at Kingsleigh and we could not be more proud of them. We have been met with smiley faces and lots of curious little minds.  The children have settled so well that we have been doing amazing learning already, as well as some fun along the way!

In maths the children have been thinking about things that are the same and different. We have managed to do some super sorting and matching.


We have been busy reading ‘Dear Zoo’ and lots of children have enjoyed reading all the lovely books we have in our classrooms. We LOVE reading at Kingsleigh so it is fantastic to see such enthusiasm!

There has also been some painting, cutting,  building and riding bikes super carefully. The children are definitely using up lots of energy!



Whilst all this playing and learning is going on, our Reception children are getting to know each other and beginning to make lots of new friends and understand our values of respect, belonging and aspiration.


We are so excited for the year ahead and SO proud of the children’s attitudes so far. Well done Reception on a great start to your new KPS journey!