We’re going on a Train Ride!!

The children have become train enthusiasts this week.  They have enjoyed listening to the story of The Train Ride by June Crebbin.

They created their own magical train journeys



and created amazing pictures of trains using their fine motor skills.


The children had to answer questions about the story, which they did brilliantly.

They have been labelling pictures  using their phonics to help them…


they have been working hard on their spelling of CVCC words and practising their blending by reading comic strips.


They have been working hard on spelling the tricky words we have been learning.

and keeping their letter formation neat and all the same size.

There was also some scientific exploring with floating and sinking.

A phenomenal effort for the last week of home learning!


We are all really impressed with your efforts and look forward to sharing with you the learning the children complete at school, with us over the coming weeks.