What a creative week Year 3!

ALL of the year 3 teachers are so proud of the work the children have been doing at home! We have loved seeing what you have been up to in your PJs, superhero costumes and sports clothes. We have had pictures of you baking/cooking, measuring angles around your house and some fantastic descriptions in your writing!

This week Mrs Reade set an English challenge that uses the short film ‘A Cloudy Lesson’ about a magical weather machine. She set the children a variety of tasks including: explaining the key events, creating your own weather device and creating a story with your weather machine. All of us are so impressed with the level of detail you have included in your work! Amazing effort!
In Maths, Miss Tarrant set year 3 a challenge looking at angles. The children created their own right angle ‘munchers’ and used them to find acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles in their houses! The children did an amazing job and investigated so many different objects too!!!
Other children practiced their Maths in different ways too!
One of the challenges this week was to cook, bake or make something for the people in the children’s household. The children thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and we received so many pictures of amazing food items that the children had made! It makes me hungry just looking at them…
Another one of our challenges was to focus on our well-being by identifying all of the wonderful characteristics that we have! It was lovely to read all of the lovely characteristics :).
Along with our topic for this term, we asked the children to do some research about Romans. Some of you had discussions…
… and some of you created wonderful pages of information in note form!
Some children have also carried out a variety of other activities at home too, such as:
Creating cards,
Creating masks,
Creating computer games,
Learning how to play Sudoku,
Creating a treasure map,
Carrying out a bouncy science experiment,
and planting some seeds!
We can’t wait to see what you do next week!