What a great first week of home learning!

The year 6 staff feel so immensely proud of how well the children got on with their home learning last week.

For their writing challenge this week, year 6 had to imagine they were travelling the world and were asked to write their very own blog, letting us know what they go up to.

For their art challenge,   the children were asked to draw and colour 10 international flags of their choice.  We were so impressed with how so many children completed this challenge so nicely and sent us photos of their work.  Here a are a few :

The children were then asked to provide more information about their chosen countries  by researching some facts.







Year 6 have also been working really hard on their maths.  They have been taking part in Gareth Metcalfe’s maths lessons online and also completing lessons on the White Rose Maths.  It was really lovely to see some children finding resources to help them with their practical maths and also to hear so many of them are signing onto TTRS. Great work year 6!

Daily reading is so important, even in year 6!   Many of our year 6 children, sent in summaries about what they had read . A few of you  sent in some strange photos ……                                                                                            

Finally, it has been fabulous to see what other activities they have been up to: from home baking to some fabulous creative art in the garden!


Well done year six – we have been so proud of you all! We can not wait to see what you get up to this week.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our parents who are supporting you and the school so much, ensuring you are getting the best out of your home learning and therefore reaching your full potential. Great team work!