What we’ve been up to in Year 5: the home edition!

This week, we’ve all been incredibly busy and the Year 5 teachers have been amazed by the amount of emails they’ve been getting from children who wanted to share their work. We thought we’d like to share just a small selection of the work we’ve been sent! We’re very proud of all our classes and their dedication to having a go at learning from home.

First, here’s Emma’s English from Mr Hart’s weekly challenge. You can see she’s really thought about how to structure her writing and given a lot of detail to help your tent building be accurate.

Next, Harvey has made this absolutely delicious-looking hot chocolate, also based on Mrs Hart’s English challenge.

Katelyn was thoughtful and completed Mrs Watson’s creative challenge which was to create a colour palette based around natural things she found outside. Well done, Katelyn!

Look at this incredible score by Kelise from TTRS. She is going to be a pro by the time we all get back to school. Well done for the incredible effort.

Neve has worked hard to create a labelled illustration of her tent, including top tips to make the perfect one. Great detail and precise drawing, Neve – well done!

Roxy has had a go at Ms Thorpe’s Maths challenge. She had to see if she could find all the triangles within this drawing. It was really tricky, but I think you’d agree that Roxy had a great go! Well done!

Keep up the hard work, Year 5!