World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and, as usual, Kingsleigh did not disappoint. Children and staff were invited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character and there were lots of super costumes right across the school.

Children flocked through the gates with whoops of delight and smiles galore as they saw their friends and teachers all dressed up.

It was wonderful walking around the classrooms and seeing all of the different ages equally enjoying the special day.

There was quite a commotion down in the office area which seemed to have been taken over by a group of pirates! There were wanted posters up all over the school! We hope that our lovely and friendly admin team are back in school tomorrow.


There were also reports of a “Mr McGregor” chasing two rabbits around the school- allegedly there was a chase around all of the classrooms because the naughty rabbits had been eating the vegetables from Mr McGregor’s garden. Some children even reported seeing the angry gardener on the school gates with wanted posters for the culprits!

Thank you to all the families that have joined us on our reading at bedtime sessions, it has been so lovely to be able to share stories with the children as they are snuggled up at home all cosy and enjoying books in a different way.

Class teachers have really enjoyed the children bringing in their favourite books and there have been lots of super conversations around favourite titles and authors.

All the children have now had their £1 book day vouchers so please do help them to use them to buy themselves a book to enjoy.

We are delighted with the pride of place that reading has in our school and all aspects of school life and thank you to all of our families for supporting your children with this.