Year 1 Hunt for Treasure!

As part of our hook for our ‘Yo Ho Ho’ topic we went on a treasure hunt! First, we found a map in our classroom with a clue attached to it. We decided that we should try and figure out the clues and follow the map.

The clue lead us to the pirate ship where we found a second clue.

We were all really excited to find out where our next clue would be hidden. Eventually we decided to check the reading bus and low and behold there was a clue tied to the door.

Our hunt then took us inside to the hall where we found our fourth and final clue.

This led us onto the library where we were surprised to find a treasure chest!! Inside the chest there was all sorts of wonderful treasure.

We had great fun trying on the hats and playing with the props.

We also found a note from a real pirate ‘Captain Bluebeard’. He asked us what we knew about pirates and challenged us to find out as much as we could about them this half term.

We had such a fantastic time and used our experience to write a recount on Friday.