Year 1 love aliens!

This half terms homework challenge has been such a hit! The teachers have been so impressed with the brilliant aliens and space ships. In fact, they think they are so good they felt they had to share them on the Year 1 blog.

We all took great pride in bringing our creations into school and showing them off to all of our friends. There were so many googly eyes!

We then showed great courage by standing up in front of the class and talking about how we made them and answering questions about our aliens, asked by our friends.

The fun doesn’t stop there… We loved designing our own pair of underpants and painting them. Here are a few of our creations…

They look great as an added decoration for our classrooms!  We have also been doing some brilliant writing about space too and even writing instructions about how to get to the moon.


So far it’s been great fun learning all about space and we can’t wait to find out where it takes us next!!