Year 1 Photo Frames

Many of our Year 1 children are now back at school. As well as enjoying their English, Phonics, Reading and Maths lessons, the children are having a great time in their other learning as well. One task they have undertaken is to create and decorate photo frames. To do this, the children used card, pasta, glue and paints.

Each child chose how they would layout their pasta to create their chosen pattern. They also chose the paints that they would use and had a great time decorating their frames.

Once decorated, the children added a photo of themselves to complete their photo frames. Some chose their photograph taken with a baby chick from earlier in the year.

We are really impressed by their fabulous work! They made beautiful frames and their happy, proud faces make them all the better!

We added string to the back of the photo frames so they can can hang on a wall to be enjoyed. Perhaps you might like to try the same at home?