Year 1 – Where the Wild Things Are

Year 1 have enjoyed a fun week learning the story, Where The Wild Things Are and basing their writing and art challenge around the book. We have been thinking about the fantasy setting and fantasy creatures that Max meets in the story. The children then created and described their own fantasy creatures and the lands that they inhabit.

Here is a brilliant example of a ‘Wild Thing’ made out of toilet role, following our Art challenge.

This fantastic learning created a fantasy land for their  Wild Thing to live in and we love it!   

One of our writing tasks was to design a fantasy creature, then label and describe them. The children combined lots of ideas from animals they already know and created some very interesting designs. Here are a few of the incredible creatures we received.

The children also had some brilliant ideas when inventing and designing their fantasy lands.

This land is filled with musical instruments. It must be filled with lots of lovely but loud sounds!

We love the way this fabulous worker used different media from her craft box to create her fantasy land. She’s used adjectives brilliantly to describe the world she made.


We look forward to carrying on with our fantasy settings and writing our own fantasy stories next week. Thank you to all the children who have shared their super work with us.