Year 1’s Wild Stories

Continuing with our Where the Wild Things Are inspired writing, the children in Year 1 have been planning and writing their own stories in a similar style.

First of all, they planned out their stories. In the Where the Wild Things Are story, the main character’s name is Max and he travelled by boat through a jungle where he met the wild things and had lots of fun being king of them all. Following this format, the Year 1 children planned their main character, how they travelled to meet their special creatures and what the setting was like, who they met and what they did together.

They then wrote the start of their stories, including why their characters had been sent to their room, just like Max was before he dreamt about the Wild Things.

The children then described their character’s journey to meet their special creature. There were lots of different and brilliant setting ideas and ideas for how the characters travelled.

Continuing to follow their plans, the children then added their creatures to their stories. They included lovely adjective descriptions and what their characters did together. Just like Max did in the Wild Things story, being away from home soon got tiresome and our characters ‘journeyed’ home to wake in their real world. In lots of ways, the current situation has made us all appreciate how our lives were all the more and to look forward to our old normal again, just like Max and the characters did in the children’s stories. Well done to our incredible Year 1 writers. We have really enjoyed your stories.