Year 2 are gymnasts!

In P.E this half term, Year 2 are doing gymnastics.  We have learnt so much already!

We know that we must do gymnastic sitting when we start our lessons and listen to the teacher.  We always ensure our toes are pointed and our legs are together.

We have learnt how to start our sequences and end them like professional gymnasts.

So far we have focused on three different positions.

This is a front support.  Our tummies have been tucked in, fingers facing forward and a straight line is created with our bodies.

This is our back support.  Our toes are pointed, our fingers face our toes and our bodies are straight again.

This is our side support.  This is the most difficult position.  We have to use our core muscles to keep our bodies in a straight line!

We have worked in pairs and small groups to create sequences using these positions and performed to our class.  See if your child can perform their work to you at home!