Year 2 have fun outdoors!

Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have been looking at recounts. We have found what features they have, such as time word sentence openers and using past tense words. We have also had fun learning a text map recounting Edmund Hillary’s Mount Everest climb.

Next it was time for us to have a fun morning of activities so that we could recount all that we had done. We were very lucky and were able to use the Forest School area!

Our first activity was to help to create a bug hotel using some old crates. We scavenged the ground for leaves, twigs, bark, feathers, grass and pine cones and created a warm, dark and cosy area for insects.

Next we looked at the amazing wild flowers that had grown over the summer holidays. We looked carefully at the different flowers, thinking about the number of petals that they had and the height of the stem and them sketched them. We even got to sit on the new and spectacular Forest School stools!

Finally, we used leaves, twigs, grass and cones to make a face. It was so much fun and luckily the rain stayed away! Following this adventure we wrote out own recounts using time openers, past tense words and key words linked to the topic. Our teachers were very proud of us!