Year 2’s African Craft 🎨

This week, Year 2 have been busy getting crafty! As part of our ‘Africa’ topic, one of the challenges we set was to create an African style necklace. We were amazed with the effort that the children put into this challenge and some of the results were spectacular!

Here are some examples of the brilliant work that was produced:

As you can see, the children came up with some fantastic designs and used lots of bright, vibrant colours.

Some even went a step further with their crafting and stuck objects, such as pasta, on to their necklaces.

What a great idea!

Fantastic crafting Year 2! These necklaces will go perfectly with the African shields from last week.

True African warriors!

As ever, we are extremely proud of all the Year 2 work, both at home and in school.

Keep up the excellent work KPS!