Year 2’s Nelson Knowledge is Ship Shape!

This week year 2 Kingsleigh children have valiantly carried on their learning about Lord Nelson and what a super job they have done!

We have been delighted to see some very detailed timelines, highlighting the key dates and events in Nelson’s life.  Well done Mayson for identifying that his promotion to being  a captain was an important part of his life and also to Emmie who explained why.

Lots of you correctly placed Nelson’s battles on your timelines (great examples from William, Scarlett and Ollie below):



Some keen children turned their research into an interesting factfile.

Oliver’s is beautifully presented, with brilliant sub-headings.

Riley used bullet points in his:

Even Mrs Weller had a go!

Finally, some creative children used other ways to show their learning about Nelson and his famous ship, HMS Victory.  Lexie painted a wonderful version of the ship and Oscar has written a new version of Nelson’s life – what an amazingly imaginative lot year 2 are!


I am so proud of all the learning the children have done this week.  It is truly a privilege to be one of their teachers.


Mrs Beauchamp